Long "sabbatical", finally starting to cut things - THC trouble but

I bought my Pro a year ago and assembled it straight away. I tried it out a little a couple times on some sheet metal and it seemed to work. I needed to do some test cuts and tweak so I could home in on good settings, but then a buncha projects came up and it’s been sitting since then.

One of my projects was cleaning up the shop, and in the process of moving things around I ripped an end off the Hypertherm (Powermax 65) CPC cable (the end that plugs into the Pro’s big controller box). I found a matching plug in my collection and soldered it on but I dunno if that’s adequate, and I dunno yet whether there’s a problem somewhere else. But it kicks up an alarm now when I try to start a cut, and also the test isn’t ending well. I have yet to go through the THC troubleshooting flow chart so I should have maybe some better idea where the problem is pretty soon. I do know that last year the THC control was working, or at least it wasn’t alarming out. But as I say, I should know more once I work through the flowchart I hope.

Anyways, I just bypassed the THC control and cut a few projects without it and it does seem to work pretty good even without that. For now I’ll just try to use stock that’s nice & flat until I get THC working well, which I hope is doable.

I am starting to figure out how to draw things up and working through the software toolchain. Now that I’m having a tad of success, learning the software part is kinda fun. My next hurdle is simply to work my way through successively thicker materials to figure out settings that work. Today it’s 1/4" and maybe 3/8" if nothing pulls me away today.

Long story short, I may have a little troubleshooting to do to get my machine working like it’s supposed to, but it’s starting to get pretty fun. So Yay!


Hey Vince!! Glad to hear you’re back at it!!

Wow… Very cool… Another hobby of mine as well… There’s no end to the # of tongs you could come up with!!

Check out this simple twisting wrench I uploaded to FireShare as well here… Twisting Wrench (Fixed 1/2" slot) V2.0 | FireShare | Langmuir Systems
If you don’t mind, I’ll probably take a swipe at your tongs blanks too!!


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