Long delay only on first pierce

So I have always imported my designs into sheetcam in dxf format. Not real reason why, that was just the way I originally learned the process. Never had any real issues but, I decided to try importing the original svg straight to sheetcam and cut out a step. Got the scale set right and everything works great except one weird thing.

The first pierce of any “new” file is really long, like 2 to 3 seconds. Every pierce after that has the delay I programmed. No idea why. Same file saved as a dxf, import to sheetcam, generate g code, cuts with delay as programmed. No huge pause on the first pierce.

I have not changed any tool parameters in sheetcam, only the file type I import.

Sorry if this has been answered. I did a quick search did not find anything.

Anyone else run into this?

CF Pro w/THC
Everlast 52i

I use SVG all the time with Sheetcam and don’t have this issue.

There is no way that the file type can cause that to happen. The pierce delay is set in the G-code by the post processor. The most reasonable explanation is that you have changed the post processor to the “Firecontrol v1.6 TD retract” version that is available in the Sheetcam list of post processors. That post processor is a modified version of the Firecontrol post processor that adds around 2 seconds to the first pierce for Thermal Dynamics plasma cutters.


Not saying it makes sense. I haven’t even opened the machine options widow since I got the Pro setup last October.

Yesterday I cut two metal flags, same svg. First I imported directly to sheetcam, second I saved as a dxf first. Used the same tool I have created for 16 gauge to generate the cut paths. I know I didn’t change post processors in between. Only the one generated from the svg has the extra delay. So strange.

Your suggestion sounds good but, why no extra delay when I start with the dxf format. Regardless, I will double check when I am in the shop tomorrow. At least it isn’t really hurting anything, just got me curious. I am almost ready to move all my software to new PC, so if it is some bug I guess that will tell me.