Loading software

Bought the pro for hoping to cut a few things that can be helpful to others and maybe make a few ideas come full circle.
I’m a greenhorn to all this, started from scratch thinking how hard can it be. So bought a hp with windows 11 laptop and just trying to get the basics is frustrating in itself. I’m pretty mechanical and maybe old school mixed in with some Ricky riggin to boost. I’m still in the process of getting the area ready for placement of the unit. So, at the time want to get familiar with the electronics/ programs at hand just to prepare for what’s to come. Seems I can’t open a file after downloading, says it won’t open this type of file. Anyway,just trying to stay positive and keep plugging away.
Maybe should I erase and start fresh ?
Thanks for any help
Stay motivated

Welcome! There’s a lot of good information / experience here to get you started.

When you say “Can’t open after downloading”, what are you downloading? A .dxf? .nc? .tap? Or is it a .zip archive that needs to be extracted 1st? What software are you currently using for design / cam? Fusion or something else and SheetCAM?

Don’t give up. Help is readily available!


If you are trying to load some of these programs:

FireControl will load but will not “wake up” unless it senses the connection to the control box on the table. Since you don’t have your unit yet, you will not be able to really practice with it.

As far as the Post Processor file, you cannot directly open this. Based on whether you are using Fusion 360 or SheetCAM, you will tell the appropriate program where the file is saved so that it knows how to perform the g-code assembly of your drawing.

Welcome to the forum.

What file are you trying to open? Many of the filetypes associated with the workflow are not intended to be opened directly; instead, they are uploaded to their respective programs for use there.