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I am designing and logo through inkscape. I save it to the computer load up fire control and it is not there I am unfortunately very new to this has anyone had the same problem?

You can’t load drawings into Firecontrol. They have to be made into g-code that Firecontrol can read. You need to use Fusion or Sheetcam to create tool paths and post process them into G-code.

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If I run my design through fusion 360 will it automatically turn it into G-Code?

Fusion 360 is an amazing program but it can only do what you tell it to do.

In this post I show how to start from the sketch, make a body and then go to manufacturing to make the g-code. You don’t need the ‘body’ now as Fusion does a pretty good job with the sketch. But give it a look and see if that helps. I know it a long post…sorry about that.


Your sorry you made a long post with tons of information to help people?:roll_eyes:


@ChelanJim - Thank you for this - It is incredibly helpful for a new old guy trying to figure all this out!