Loaded File showing one error always?

Everytime I load a Fusion 360 part file, even a very simple rectangle with a hole in the center, I get the below listed error notice in Mach3.
Radius to end of arc differs from radius to start, Block N45.
this was N45 of a very simple 3" x 4" rectangle, with a 2.250" circle in the middle of the rectangle.
N45 G3 X3.334 Y 1.6791 I 1.2094 J 0.0541
What the heck does this mean???
This was just a simple test part.

Try adding at the beginning of the file G91.1 this might fix that problem. Mach3 sometimes has that error for some odd reason or change the settings in Mach3 for I&J to absolute mode.

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hello John, you and I talked yesterday