Live voltage when plasma is off

Hope you guys can help. I’ve been trying to do my research on this and now I need help.
I am getting 5.0v live voltage when the plasma is not turned on. If I removed plasma work clamp off table it reads 0.0v

I have a USB voltage isolator and multiple to each motor, plasma and a ground rod connected to the table w/2ga wire. Control box is not connected to the table and removed ground pins on a/c plugs.

Here is my setup.
Crossfire Pro
Everlast 62i CNC (THC connected via RAW voltage)
Mini PC 8gb ram
Asus Touch screen monitor

Thanks for any advise. Alfie

HI Alfie-

Have you gone through the THC troubleshooting Flow Chart? Its likely the best starting point to troubleshoot your issue.

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First thing I would do is manually close the IHS switch. If the voltage goes away, then clean really well around the IHS switch body. You can spray alcohol or even just warm water soapy water on it and then dry with a compressed air gun.