Live voltage fluxuates when not in use

I’m not sure if this is a problem or normal operation but I haven’t seen it elsewhere. The system will cut and the live voltage test will pass but I’m thinking this may be influencing the operation.
The live voltage readout will bounce around between 0-3 volts when nothing is in use. All others I’ve seen will display a solid 0 volts at rest. I have been through all the troubleshooting information but can’t seem to find anything on this in particular issue. I have isolated everything and there are no ground loops that I can see. I have disconnected everything not needed and it still does it. This is what i have.

Desktop PC and monitor with grounds removed.
The crossfire pro control box has everything disconnected except THC and USB. No power connection, no motors etc…
IHS works properly and has no effect on this issue.
I have tried several different USB cables between computer and control box.
VIM box using DIV in and out. Connected to Hypertherm 65 through rear port.
No power going to the Hypertherm.
Connecting the ground clamp to the table has no effect on this issue.

If I disconnect the DIV cable from the Hypertherm to the VIM box the voltage will go to 0 as expected.
There is no power connected to the Hypertherm but I do see several mVAC on the DIV cable (maybe noise of some kind).

I opened up the VIM box to inspect. Resistors and connectors seem to be ok but there is a capacitor missing (C3) from the DIV circuit. Wondering if this might be needed to filter the noise I am seeing. Trying to find a pic of the circuit board to confirm but no luck. I’ll try to put a pic of my board if anyone can verify the cap. I kinda hope this might be the problem because I don’t know what else to try.

Thanks for any help.