Lines of code. Blocks/second. CF Pro capabilities?

Anyone know how many lines of code or blocks per second the CrossFire Pro is capable of?

I’m not sure what that means. Is that a metric that plasma tables are measured by? The max travel speed is 300 inches per minute. The software can process code fast enough to keep up with that travel speed.

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There is a theoretical limit to this. We test dense programs of over 250 lines/sec without issues but at that point (and well before) you would be better off re-programming your part with smoothing or other methods to reduce the density.

Many small moves like this will usually not let the torch get up to speed with the amount of lookahead available in the controller and may result in some jerky motion. If you are seeing jerky/shaky motion of the torch while FireControl is sending hundreds of lines per second its best to optimize the programming.

SheetCAM is much better at producing optimized GCode for complex shapes than Fusion360 is (currently).


Great answer! Thank you!

I was trying to determine how low I could set the tolerance and smoothing in 360. This helps. Thank you!