Lincoln tomahawk 1000 and crossfire pro w/THC

Looking the help wiring a crossfire pro to a tomahawk 1000 plasma cutter. I have a pencil torch and THC

I have the same set up and am looking for some info as well. So far it doesn’t look like anyone has done this set up??? There are no videos on YouTube either for the Lincoln and the crossfire. Any help would be nice.

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The Lincoln tomahawk has a bizarre initial firing delay.

@capncrusty who has some success with his 675? tomahawk hopefully he can elaborate on how he’s going about this. Putting in a few snippets of code I think is the solution.

Here is one topic where it was started to be discussed but it went silent.

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When I was trying to used the tomahawk, I found out from lincoln tech support that the plasma cutter was not really designed to be used with a CNC table. I messed around for almost 2 months trying to get it to work and never did have much luck.

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One other thing to make sure about is that there is not any continuity between the controller box and the table. That can cause bad results because of the grounds.

Yeah, I havn’t tried to fire mine off yet. I got into installing the THC and was like… UUHHH? I did’t realize that I needed a $225 plug pigtail for the machine since Lincoln uses a different 14pin connector than everyone else. Also, they don’t even list a wiring schematic for the CNC set up but list this as CNC compatible and even have a Machine Torch available for it. After several hours on a chat line with Lincoln… I found out that (according to the tech) the machine torch disables the post flow gas settings and when the machine fires the torch the post flow turns off and allows it to start cutting again. There are two plomblems though… 1) the machine torch is $2000 :face_with_raised_eyebrow: 2) He sent me the wiring diagram and it is more complicated than I feel comfortable messing with.

This really sucks because they sell this machine as if it will work with CNC, only to find out that you need to invest another $2500 into it, and be an electrical engineer to figure out how to wire everything up. I guess this is why there are no YOUtube videos on it as well. I guess I’m going to sell this thing… mine is still new in the box never fired so hopefully I can recoop some costs toward another machine.

Langmuir…If you are listening… you need to take the LIncoln plasma cutters off your recomended list!!!

A word of caution if you look you might find after market machine torches out there on line. When I was trying to get mine to work I found one from a company called Plasmadyn. I bought it from and it would not fire. Upon there request I sent it back to them for repair, after they had it for 2 weeks there decided they could not fix it and would send me a refund. After over a month waiting on refund I found it was passed the time I could file with Paypal. after another month they finally sent a refund minus over a $100 claimed they had expenses and I had too pay for them. Took me over 3 months to get what they did send me.

Do you mind posting this information? it could help somebody who might want to tackle more the complicated wiring.

A document @TinWhisperer doesn’t have. Run for the hills the world is coming to an end.:rofl:


He’s faking it just to seem ‘human’, but we know better!


I’m sure with the year and model number he could get it. The google-fu is strong with that one!