Torch delay Lincoln Tomahawk 1000

I have a Lincoln Tomahawk 1000 plasma cutter. I have been having a problem cutting from one loop to another. I have found out that with the Tomahawk when it stops cutting it has post cooling air that is hard wired the length of time and is determined by the current setting. In hand held torch usage you can release the trigger to stop cutting and refire the torch but you must hold the trigger in for 2 seconds it then stop the air a refirers the torch, this function is hard wired in the torch. Not sure how to make this work on the CF table when moving to a new cut loop. My understanding of torch delay is this is the delay time once it moves to a new cut loop before it fires the torch. This does not help me because the post air is still blowing and the torch trigger must be engaged for at least 2 seconds for the air to stop and refire the torch on the Tomahawk 1000

I have no answer yet but I thought I’d post the manual and a few clips to get others started on figuring it out.

The pre-flow setting is only for the first trigger after that when in post-flow it will re-trigger with out the 2 second pre-flow.

lf tomahawk 1000 3

The way I read that, the first trigger signal is ignored. The second trigger signal initiates a 2 second pre flow before the pilot arc is fired. Any subsequent trigger signals skip the 2 second pre flow, as long as the post flow is still going.

It seems like that can be made to work by modifying the code to add an M5 and extend the first pierce delay by 2 seconds, but it seems like it might be more trouble than it’s worth.

I would consider buying another machine and dedicate that one to hand use or sell it.

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I was having this same exact issue you described yesterday (1/3/22). I could still cut by selecting the “retry cut”, generating the code within firecontrol which essentially makes the cut it stopped on the first loop OR hit pause after each loop until the post flow stopped and then resume the program. both methods were annoying and not ideal. really the first time I had a chance to mess with this machine. I did eventually get it to work but long story short it seems to be a safety delay issue during post flow after the initial cut. I’m using sheetCAM with firecontrol and ended up changing the post and setting the pierce delay to 1.5 seconds. with sheetCAM you can go to OPTIONS–>MACHINE–>POST PROCESSOR. this is where you load the firecontrol post during initial setup. you can then choose to edit the post. looks like they already accounted for a difference between the first pierce time and the rest of them by using “firstPierceTime” constant. this should be right at the top. I saved a copy of the post as “FireControl-v1.6 lincoln tomahawk 1000” before making any changes and then changed the “firstPierceTime = 0” to “firstPierceTime = -1.0”. that is not a typo, it is negative 1 because further down if it is the first pierce they ADD the “firstPierceTime” to the set Pierce delay from the tool settings. Within the tools I then set the pierce delay to 1.5sec. this will allow the first cut to function at .5sec delay and the rest to use a 1.5sec delay that allows the arc to start during post flow when it moves to a new loop. these values could probably be dialed in a little more but it seemed to work great after this.

let me know if this works for you as well.