Limit Switch Issues

Hey Everyone

Finally got around to installing my limit switches but have a weird set of issues, it homes fine so I know the switches work and everything has been triple checked for connection

  1. Hard limit error - Getting these in the middle of the machine

  2. If I enable soft limits my z axis no longer moves, disable it moves fine and reenable and I cant move it. Im assuming its software related

Any one else run into these and find a solution? Yet to hear back from Langmuir support

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The limit switches should have nothing to do with the z axis. It could be once that error code is thrown, it locks all movement. Keep in mind there is the work are and the machine area. Click on the [machine] which appears in blue under the coordinates on the upper right of the screen.
When you home the machine, it should set x, y to 0,0. Now try turning on the soft limits and move to your far right and set the soft limits to what the x coordinates say: type that into the soft limits.
Now do the same with the y. This should all be in the “machine” coordinates, not the “work” area.

Now when you import an image, you will set the origin and work zero to the same spot where you plan to have the image cut on the metal. You will be given warnings all along until these are set. Once you set it correct, you will see FireControl create a dark gray background for the work area and it should allow your movement.

If you are still getting errors, keep the soft limits off until you get it set properly.

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Soft limits are set properly, the table stops a 1/16th of an inch from the bolt as I set it every single time I jog it around the table.

I can leave fire control open and get a hard limit error randomly after awhile, start a program it moves to the center of the machine gets a hard limit error when its clearly not near the trigger to cause a hard limit.

Z Axis is fully being affected by the soft limits inside firecontrol, I understand it does not get controlled by it but I can move it fine then turn on softlimits and the z no longer moves in fire control turn it off and it moves again. I can repeat this step 10 times with the same result so something funky is happening within Firecontrol

I have disabled all for now table still works fine, I understand how origin works I cut daily on this table for the past 3 years

It could be a faulty switch or connection.

The other thing that has been discussed often is there is something up with the v1.3 of FireControl. Several of us have had some issues and finally got a nag message from FireControl to update. The crazy thing is that it updates you to version 1.2. After restarting, it then nags you to update again: this time to v1.3. This has fixed several people’s issues. I would try uninstalling FireControl and see if it triggers that update process.


I had some similar issues. Langmuir worked me through them. Update all software and the control box. Turn off limit switches and return to factory settings. Turn on the limit switches.