Limit switch instructions

Iam installing limit switching kit on my crossfire and having problems with it homing. It wants to set 1 edge outside the limits? Also with the limit set per instructions it stops out side the table ( I have installed the larger table kit).
Also I looked all over for info on new firecontrol screen since there are lot of new controls to use I would like to know what they do? Like HOME ?
Funny ! Not even any of the other models have info on on this new screen.

I’m assuming (yes, dangerous I know!) that you have a OG 2x2 Crossfire with the XL kit installed.

When you state limits, do you mean hard limits (Upper, Left - near the Y axis motor) or soft limits (end of X axis or end of Y axis)? The hard limits are defined by triggering the X or Y axis limit switches. The soft limits are defined by what distances you have entered. Off the top of my head, my soft limits are 22" X axis, 32 " Y axis. There are some fractional distances added to each, based upon max travel.

What controls do you have questions about? Home, after the switches are set, sends the torch to machine 0,0 - or upper left near the Y axis motor.

To assist with setting up the Limits, turn the Soft Limits off. Home the machine, which should send it to machine 0,0 (upper left). Then carefully jog X to the right until you get near the bolt at the end of the cantilever arm. Watch the DRO for the X position. When you get as close as you are comfortable, write down / save the X position. Do the same for Y, jogging down until you approach the stop near the bottom of the Y axis. Write down / save. Then enter these numbers into the Soft Limits and enable.

That’s basically what we did. (Note - Make sure you upgrade the firmware! I believe 1.3ls is the latest / correct version.)