Limit Switch Homing In Middle Of The Table

Is anyone else not able to get the limit switches working?

Any tthoughts as to what I should try next?

Thanks in advance.

I have a pro and a new HP laptop running Win10 on battery power when operating the machine.

I moved this to the Pro category as it will get more of the appropriate eyes on it.

The Unsupported category is specifically for things in which @langmuirsystems wouldn’t support in any case.

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I had trouble getting my limit switches to work properly following the instructions that came with the machine. It would keep erroring out after I set the soft limits due to being out of range. What I figured out is the instructions are missing a step. Here’s what I did:

  1. install and adjust the switches per the instructions
  2. turn on limit switches in the settings menu
  3. make sure you are on the machine window (not the work window) and home the machine. your machine position should now read 0,0,0
  4. run the x and y axis out to find the soft limits as described in the instructions. Once found write those numbers down
  5. home the machine again (this is the step I think they forgot). it should go back to read out 0,0,0
  6. enable the soft limits toggle and enter the values you wrote down. Save those settings and you should be good.

What I think was happening is the soft limits were being calculated from wherever the head position was when you set them. If you didn’t return it to 0,0,0 before enabling them it calculated the position wrong and wouldn’t let the torch move at all.

You may find that the machine will error out just short of being able to reach 0,0,0 because of the hard limit switches once they are enabled. You may have to make slight adjustments to the switches to resolve this and repeat the above process. I found it took a few times to get it just right since the switch triggers before it is fully depressed so its hard to see the exact position they should physically be set at.

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Welcome to the forum and thanks for the addition! Clearly written and I like the theory on why it might fail.

I don’t have that setup (OG 2x2 with Mach3), so can’t check them out,but hopefully you’ll get some good feedback from the rest of the gang!