Lighting Setups

What is everyone using for lighting on their MR-1? This is my temporary setup.

Here is my setup.


Nice! Where did you purchase the angled led bars?

XINYIQI LED shop light 20W IP66…

They work awesome. No problems since last November. I use them every day.


Cheap from Lowe’s, work for me.


Are those the 36" PN below? 726 lumens is about the light of only (1) A19 bulb. Quite a bit less then the 2500 lines model from Amazon above, but maybe those are overkill? Your photos make it look like it is enough still.

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My mistake, they were from the home despot.

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Thanks for the light recommendation. What is the forklift-capable contraception on the bottom? Did you build that or did you buy it, and if so, how do I get one? Thanks!

I built it. Very sturdy and rigid.


You did a great job. You should market that! I’d buy one. I bought my machine so I could have a CNC mill at home, right before I started building a house 300 miles away. My wife still kicks me for that but I wanted to get started. I own an industrial CNC router and I have milled maybe 2 dozen or more projects in two years. It has a 12kw Italian spindle capable of non ferrous metals but it’s at my warehouse, not my garage. I also wanted to work with some steels, so I began shopping for a CNC mill. Almost bought a used Haas. But the three phase power quickly becomes an issue at my house. Didn’t want to spend another $6k on a rotary phase converter either. MR-1 is about ready to start cutting (tomorrow), and the service has been fantastic. I’ve worked with both Jake and Logan (COO) on some issues but they have done an acceptable job responding and resolving.

Long winded. I’ll be in the board a lot trying to learn. I am green.

Let me know if you want to make one of those stands (I have a forklift at home) and what your price will be. I can arrange freight. If it’s of no interest, no pressure.