Leaving table on for long periods of time

so I had a friend leave his table on when he left the shop…now instead of leaving it on for the night he drove back to turn it off…only to find it off…poor guy…

My question is…is there any risk to the components or steppers by accidentally leaving the table powered for say 24hrs by mistake?

Could the steppers burn out?
I mean we all leave our PC’s on at home all the time…

Man, I’m into CNC since 2001, I’ve forgotten my plasma machine on for days, not only the Plasma table but the other CNC machines in the shop as well, no issues! The motors are at a nice comfortable warm to the touch too. :rofl:

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My table has been on for weeks, if not months constantly with no issues. Touch wood…

My shop is unheated… I drained the water out of my table a Week before Christmas. I forgot to turn the table off the day I drained the water. I Turned it off the last week of Feb (when it was warm enough to go back out in the shop) when I found it on. Still works great. (my Electric bill might have went up $0.02 per month because of it…but I didn’t notice anything major).

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This is great response and information for everyone…thanks for all the replies.

all those with OCD and worry about their equipment …this will ease some of the personal stress on “what if” and also shows the durability of this design.

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