Leadscrew couplers

Have a new one for ya. Finally got around to seeing up my table last night /this morning. All went great until I was tightening up the last leadscrew coupler. Had this happen…

Now it’s just an expensive paperweight.

Everything I’ve seen is about them not getting tight enough, I had one just snap right in half! Hopefully I can get a new one ASAP. Submitted a ticket right away. Work my side hustle mainly on weekends and this is going to set me back a lot…

These are far superior to alum couplers that come with the table.
Ruland CLX-4-4-F One-Piece Clamping Rigid Coupling, Black Oxide Steel, 1/4" Bore A Diameter, 1/4" Bore B Diameter, 5/8" OD, 1" Length Amazon

Just make sure of your shaft size. 4mm are what mine are 6.35 mm = 1/4" motor and 6.35mm lead screw.

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Thanks for the suggestion. I was went steel couplers, but I did find your various posts about those and added them to my favorites list. I have 0.25" shafts, which are 6.35mm.

I ended up welding this piece back together for now. We’ll see how long it lasts. Not my best work by any means, but it holds both sides very well.


That is the first time I have heard of one breaking! Lots of posts about them stripping so I ordered steel replacements per @Bigdaddy2166 before my table arrived. Still using the aluminum ones but I have the steel ones as a backup when I need them. :+1:t2:


Your right 6.35 mm. Screwed up my math…

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