Laser engrave with crossfire pro

Its first engrave with my cross fire pro over kill i know


wow that would add to the versitility of the machine would you be willing to share the information on where you got the laser and the software used to do the engraving

Im not using the langmuir control box i switch the stepper motor connectors over to a laser control box i built .i had most of the parts for it in my junk box aside from the laser and a few odd and end pieces .it has grbl firmware installed on a arduino uno .the laser i got of ebay for i beleive $95 the software i used is lasergrbl it was just a project i wanted to do


Will the laser mark mild steel?

Of course I am not expecting it to etch nor cut steel, just wondering whether you can see the laser’s marking on the steel and, if it does, how “permanent” it is.

I have both a plasma table and a laser engraver. The only real way to mark metal with a laser (other than one made for that purpose) is to use a product like “Cermark”. It is a spray that coats the metal with ceramic particles which the laser then fuses. The infused spray then washes of. It adheres to the metal pretty well provided it is clean when the spray is applied.

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Never heard of this stuff before. Interesting thanks.

Tried a dragon head i can feel the engrave i think it cut through the mill scale however i think the easyscriber would have done better

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Interesting…can you run one with the mill scale off? And thanks.

There are a couple of others out there. Cermark was one of the 2 that were the big dogs until Cermark bought out the other. The underlying patents have expired and now there are some cheaper alternatives. Cermark was $90 a can when I bought it last. Lasermark was $50. Just Google “laser marking spray”.

You can get similar results with Dry Moly Lube ($11 at Advance Auto) but it’s not as black as Cermark.