Laptop or Desktop

I’m just bored sitting here debating whether I should get a laptop to put in my shop for the CrossFire Pro or a desktop. I build computers so I can build a very nice desktop for not too much money and connect it to a 55" TV for the monitor in the shop. However If I had a laptop I could bring it with me and design things anywhere. Just thoughts of mine. What is others opinions?

For my opinion I would go with the laptop for portability. In the summer months it gets too hot and in the winter months It’s too cold to sit inside of the shop comfortably. Having a laptop I can sit comfortably in my recliner and concentrate on what I’m doing.

I, too, went back and forth and after a month, opted for a laptop. Portability and really, just couldn’t not pinpoint a compelling need for a desktop or its advantages. I would have built it myself as well. So if you have a generous man-cave where the Crossfire resides and can justify the real estate, go for it. I have a one car garage which can fit 2 mini coopers so that gives you an idea.

Why not both?

I started using macs a few years ago and never looked back. But sheetcam was only for windows. I can boot to windows, but I didn’t want to go back and forth all the time.

I bought a dell, but couldn’t stand using it for redesigns on the fly. Set up a NAS and now I run both at the same time.

Some guys are doing a tiny pc dedicated to the table only and pairing it with a touchscreen monitor. It will be nice to not have to haul the laptop back and forth an CI to usually clean metal dust off it.

I got me a refurbished Win10, Dell Optiplex 780 on ebay for cheap. Built a shop-floor computer with it, networked to my everyday Toughbook and I’m really happy with it. It’s used for my Plasma, Rotary Engraver, Laser Engraver and as general Shop-floor computer. Both fixed and wireless keyboards add to the versatility.

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I use a desktop computer with a 55 inch monitor as well. Works very well.

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Ok thanks for the input. I’m starting out completely fresh and building a room for my Cnc Plasma, Powder Coating and a Sandblaster.

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I run a Gigabyte Brix Mini PC (which can mount to the flat panel interface pad) and a mini keyboard.
The 12" LCD is on an upright in the corner of the plasma table, and the usb keyboard w/ball mouse can sit anywhere. Plenty powerful enough for Mach3, but I don’t design on it.

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