Langmuir Low Profile Vise Soft Jaw Models

Dimensions were taken from my vice. Your vice may be a little different. Please verify before using.

Langmuir Low Profile Vise Fixed Soft Jaw.f3d (76.6 KB)
Langmuir Low Profile Vise Movable Soft Jaw.f3d (99.3 KB)


I’ll have to check these out later. It’s something I had planned on doing and just haven’t gotten around to it yet.

Nice. I appreciate the effort that went into measuring this out and making it publicly available. It’d be a good idea to include recommended method of machining these - keeping in mind that soft jaws need to be produced as cheaply and easily as possible for most.

I’m going to make me up a set of these - and I’ll report back!

Thanks for the release! Well done.

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Thanks for sharing these.

When I posted the soft jaw models, I thought about including several machining strategies. I decided not to because I guarantee everyone will look at this differently. Some people will break out the sine plates, perfectly square the ends of the stock, concentrate on surface finish, dowel pin the jaws together for alignment, thread form instead of cut, etc… Others will leave the saw cut on the ends, step mill the taper angle and accept a 20% contact patch on the taper angle, etc. Considering the rigidity and HP of this machine, any machining strategy will work, as long as you somehow mark the jaws for alignment purposes, have a decent contact patch on the taper angle, and the bottom seat of the soft jaw to ensure some kind of repeatability. If multiple vises are used, I would mark which soft jaws go with each vise.


Thanks for sharing these!
Would someone be able to upload them as Step files? I’m using SW.

Sure. I’ll post them Monday morning.

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I tried, but the forum will not allow uploading of Step files.

Looks like the step files need to be in a zip file.

I uploaded this one as a test.


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Thanks for the info. I should have noticed that, but I missed it.

Fixed Soft Jaw (16.9 KB)


Awesome! Thanks!