Just ordered the Pro today

Hello, I just ordered the Pro today.

I currently have a normal crossfire with XL kit.

After steep learning curve, I have outgrown it.

Time to search here for caster ideas, and drain mods.

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Congratulations. You won’t look back.

I have casters on the bottom of my legs. I welded a plate on the bottom of each leg. They are very secure.
Foot Master GDR-60-F-NYN Leveling Caster, 50 mm Nylon 66 Wheel, Iconic Ivory, Height Adjustable Ratchet, Plate Mounted Swivel Caster, 250 kg Load Rating https://a.co/d/honPKmw

You must be very careful not to rack the legs when moving. Many are finding that is preferable to make a wheeled base that the table sits on.

I did not do any drain modifications but knowing what I do now, I might have created a draining/filtering/refill system. You can always do that later.