Just got mine and I am sooo lost

have the crossfire pro since feb 2021 ,water table ,thc , the 45hp torch… have no clue how to do pathways, g-codes etc so havent done the first cut sooo confused … did I just waste my money . ok then I come here for help someone wants to charge me … i have auto desk, inkscape, mach 3… why is this so hard… buy thought id download some fireshare and send to my program and cut…lol NOPE
im 51 thought this would be a fun lil hobby for signs… turning into a quick nightmare. im no architect or genius of any kind…this is a nightmare an expensive nite

I have typed this 2 times now…trying not to be as frustrated as you are.

you now have posted for help with the Pro table in the right spot…last time ou posted in the basic crossfire thread…this is a better start.

One thing I want to make clear…we all want to help…but if you want fast serious help…yes you will most likely have to pay for someone to spend time with you.

Brownfox offered to give you lessons…walk you step by step through the process…if you can not afford one on one training then you will have to expect for this to take some time to learn.

Brown fox, and many others here run businesses making money with our tables…so if we have to spend one on one time with someone then we are not spending time making money.

I am a 55 year old guy who 16 months ago had never touch CNC…I had played with a plasma and done some welding…I also did a lot of research to know that this would not be like plugging in a new TV and then watching a show 2 minutes later…here is a lot of computer work to do…and you will always be doing some sort of trouble shooting and have some problems…be patient.

When you say AutoDesk…do you mean Fusion360?

Inkscape is like Fusion360…but Inkscape only does the graphics…Fusion does graphics and post process (Make gcode)

Mach3 is no longer used by Langmuir on the tables bought in the last 16 months…they replaced Mach3 with thier own software FireControl…so get rid of Mach3…erase it all from the computer and your memory.

I do no use Fusion…so I can not help there but I can get you in the right direction…

As I said in the other thread trying to help you…take it one step at a time…

Do not attempt to download Fileshare and cut right away.
A lot of the files in Fileshare are not done with the Pro table…even then they may not be set up perfectly for your table or plasma.

if you have fusion360…you need to make sure you have downloaded a file that allows Fusion to properly create gcode for the pro table…and you get that here…
Follow the instructions to get this in place first

Once you have done that then you need to learn how to open, draw basic, and save in Fusion.
Then you are ready to go to taking a file and having Fusion post process the file into gcode…or a TAP file.
When post Processing the file you have to learn ow to set up the cutting parameters…torch height…torch speed…cut direction…and a few other things.

Once you have the proper TAP file for your table…then you open FireControl…open the TAP file in FireControl…then you have to know what amps to set your torch at…and what air pressure you need…

then you will be ready to cut…but keep in mind…there is still a lot of learning


Toolboy is pretty much right on. Im older than both of you. I ordered mine without research. I had the mind set it was a plug and play machine. Like you I got a real saprise. I put the table together and I was clueless what to do next. I watched LS vids, youtube vids untill I thought i knew something. But watching vids to me is nothing compared to actually doing it yourself. Once i got to where i could use fusion some and learned how to post process to get G codes , then came the easy not so easy task of hooking up the plasma cutter. It took some reading and a few questions to get that right. I had zero cnc experience and Fusion is a total mind blower till you figure out that %99 of it isnt needed. All those drop downs make it look so hard. So if your willing to work at it I promise once you get it all going you wont regret your time learning. Make a cheat sheet of the steps to follow till you learn it all. Hang in there . You can do it it just takes time and work. It was probaly a month before I made my first project. That one thing made it all worth the agrivation and anger I had because it was to hard for me to learn. Well 2 years later, 2 tables later im still not that great but I can go make sparks and purty things with them. So really be patient dont rush. Walk away when you get mad. In time you to will look back and think it wasnt that hard, Just something new to learn. Dont give up.


But I am the Grumpy old man…ahahahahahaa


All hail @toolboy

For what it’s worth, I had @Christian_Metal_Art ready to run a program in under two hours, but he had a compressor issue that stopped us. He’s now editing fonts in affinity and generating his code with sheetcam easily.

This business is not simple or easy, and we all learn differently. The question is, how long do you want to spend trying to get a solid understanding of how this all comes together?

Here’s my 3 YouTube videos on how I work. I need to do more but I’ve been so preoccupied with other crapola.



As all have said “be patient” . Walking into something totally new without any experience of any kind is TUFF. I watched the Langmuir videos probably 6 to 8 times. And then I watched certain vids several times more. I had CNC and G-code knowledge but not with Fusion. It still took me a couple of days before I made my first cuts. You just don’t know how much you don’t know something until you take the first step. They say that the beginning of a new journey begins with the first step. So you are on your way and there are plenty of people here to help guide you. Do Not Give Up… You may be bombarded with a lot of information at the start, just let everyone know what you are using for software at this time and then when you are comfortable with what you are doing you can check into another software. I started with Fusion360 but am now using BobCad for my drawing and Post Processing.
Good Luck, be patient and then have fun…


I’m only a few years younger than you. I’ve got a degree in Engineering. A few years of experience I AutoCAD products and experience in 3DCNC. And Fusion 360 Still kicks my butt every time I do something new in it. It’s not quick or Easy to start. But once you get the fundamentals down…Oh the doors it will open.
Here’s a good playlist on Youtube for Plasma cutting with Fusion 360.

Here’s 2 that can be useful early on
From Autodesk https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-E4Hr7lcBzc
From NYC CNC (great channel! deep dives into Fusion, but not plasma focused all the time) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=twgAwrnEVNw

Do some watching, draw along with the video, rewind when you miss something. Figure out that 1st part and you’re on your way.
Folks here will give you a hand along the way, but they want to see you try and progress for yourself too.


This guy is great to look at for instruction…



Look at the support here…
Do not get discouraged …

This is what makes me happy to be part of this group…


ty so much i feel better ill figure it out im sure

i already have fire control thank u. i will figure it .sorry wasting your time…

thank u much

not wasting time…we are here to help…

awesome video helped me alot great start

ty very much just watch a couple of great videos that are helping my understanding>>>

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now that you see hope and are starting to understand…we can help better guide you…asking specific questions we can really help…

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Your not wasting anyones time. If they didnt have some time to waste they wouldnt be here trying to help you get started. And anything you wander about just click that magnafring glass upper right corner. Your not the first to think its overwelming. I did , he did, she did, Im betting %99 of the members here had some struggles. and most still do acasionally . So yes be patient advance at the speed it takes to learn it. And as someone mentioned. If you have 2 pcs watch tutorials on one and follow on the other. Hit pause and take your time and you will be making things shortly.


How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time.
Based on your post, I think the solution to the frustration you’re feeling, is to take the shortest route to using your crossfire to make stuff with fire, and then move on from there.

You really want to make a ‘thing’, because a tangible result is what will drive you to spend more time getting good at it? That’s fine - skip learning how to draw in fusion. Download a simple part (like a sign or something) that’s already drawn, intended to be cut on a plasma cutter, that you can find a picture of what it looks like after being cut on a plasma table. Keep it small and simple. Find a step-by-step you-tube tutorial on how to turn that drawing into G-code for the crossfire pro in fusion. Follow along, and try to cut a part. Your post-processor (the bit in fusion that makes the g-code) and / or machine may need some dialing in to get a good cut. There are videos on that, but this forum is definitely the right place to bring those questions. Get all of that worked out with a small, simple thing, cut out of the thickness of metal you want to make your signs out of.

Once you have mastered the ‘turn a drawing to a physical thing’ process, and now you’re really hooked and excited to design your own things, go back and find a video tutorial for fusion 360, that starts out assuming you are opening a CAD program for the first time.

A good student and a good teacher can still result in a fail - everyone learns differently. Pick a ‘teacher’ that fits you.

Then find some videos on designing for plasma. This is different than ‘how to draw in fusion’. Every machine has it’s limits - if you draw a thing the crossfire pro really can’t make well, you may get into another ‘frustration zone’.

I have learned a lot about making signs on a plasma table from a you tube channel called 42fab - not what I bought the crossfire for, but those skills translate into other things, as well (and I have come up with a few sign related projects). They spend a lot more time on turning what comes off the plasma table, into a great sign hanging on the wall. That’s stuff you’ll want to know, as well - doesn’t matter how cool it is laying on the table - if you don’t finish the job, it’s just another thing collecting dust in a corner.

Just my $.02 I’ve never taught anyone to use a plasma table, but I’ve taught a lot of other things to helpers, etc. over the years.


I know the feeling at least your Pro is assembled. I would gladly pay a fair price for help. I want to start making stuff. Hang in there, 51 is pretty young. I just turned 70 and still kicking.


Reach out to member @brownfox…I believe he offers paid tutorial services…