Just assembled new table - prblems with gantry

my gantry pitches out about 15 degrees or so. i dont mean along the x axis. I mean the z axis is not perpendicular to the table - the torch holder is clearly pitched , top-to-bottom , not side to side. as is the tip of the torch. I dont see any way to adjust this.

anyone else with this problem?

I believe the video briefly mentioned this but did not discuss or show it. I would think you would need to contact langmuir directly - looks like i am going to have to do the same - as my gantry has this twist that is very out - and i cannot align my torch perpendicular to the table

Flagging @langmuir-daniel so he sees this.

images of the runout on the gantry along z and torch mount

Sorry about that, looks like our assembly team messed up when they assembled. It’s really easy to fix by following the process in this thread: Torch square to table adjustments

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really easy to fix , ha ha,
I had to really loosen all 4 axis - the whole assembly rolling all over the place - had to secure with a few clamps and square it… - i had to loosen the lead screw drive collar as it was applying torsion against the screw when it was square. I think it i got it back together pretty well. I do notice now, that bearings are tracking flat on the gantry and leaving new full width tracks on the gantry… Before, the bearings were riding on edge – leaving just a single line track on the gantry… Over all the x axis travel is a good bit less noisy than before the squaring… However, i am left with some very faint harmonic thumping in the travel. Maybe dirt in a bearing ? any ideas - its not severe… but there is a light harmonic thumping during travel yet a good bit less noisy than it was.

:grinning: Actually it would probably be better if we all had to do that. Sooner or later it’s going to need pretty major maintenance like that and having done it once already you’re gonna be good to go.