Issues with straight cuts

From one thing to the next, its getting very frustrating. Noticed that when i do a straight cut the first 2 inches doesn’t cut all the way though, but then the Thc takes over it cuts like butter. What do i need to try or do to fix this problem ?

Post your settings and what machine.

Is this with the straight line cut utility in Firecontrol? If it is not cutting through in the beginning of the cut, you need to set a longer pierce delay. The THC has nothing to do with that.

that is not exactly what we are looking for…

  • pierce delay
  • pierce height
  • torch travel speed (IPM)
  • amps
  • torch penetration speed, downward travel
  • Plasma machine type
  • what software are you using for CAM processing (Fusion360, Sheetcam)
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