Issues with RazorWeld 45 cutting

I just got my crossfire pro installed. I have looked and cannot find anything on it. I downloaded several different files from fireshare cut ready. I get everything put in and hit start, the torch moves into position, fires off, burns a hole and that’s it. I have played with the pierce delay and still the same thing. I managed to cut out a square plate, but tried again and it just burns the hole. What am I missing? Im about to pull what hair I have out. Also my torch voltage is only 19 v when it fires off. I bought the plug and play kit.

@hollywood4397 welcome to the forum.

Are you hooked to the DIVinput and the DIVoutput on the VIM? (black box about 4x4")

Have you passed the THC test? One of the steps from the setup.

Try to use the straight line feature in FireControl to make a cut . does that work ?

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Yes I am hooked to it. I switched ports on the plasma ans it said 269v. Way to much, so I switched back

I will try that tomorrow. I am aggrevated with this thing at the moment and have closed up everything

Just so you understand, using a plasma table is not just loading a file and push go. You need to understand how it works, and what settings effect what, at least to a point.
Work clamp attached to your part?
How much air pressure do you have on the gauge of the RW45?

Ive even ground a spot on the metal making sure I had good griund on part. The plasma cutter is at its factory setting and my compressor is an 80 gal and its at 110psi.

There is a switch on the RW45 that will turn on the air. activate that switch and see what the gauge on the front shows while the air is flowing. it needs to be at least 70PSI

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Ok I will double check that.

Ok I checked the air on the plasma. It was dropping under 70psi when I push the button. Fixed that, now it stays around 80psi when the button is pushed. It is still doing the same thing. I tried with the THC off and still the same issue. Its grounded to the work piece. It will move into place and fire off and thats it. it says the torch moved.

It passed the THC test. I used the straight line and it cut about a 7" line and that was all. I had it on continuous and 300ipm. Just a shot in the dark, could it be my internet. It is hooked up thru Wifi. Could that be lagging causing this issue.

Are you running a laptop or a desktop with a grounded plug?

I am running a gaming desktop

what voltage was it reading when it pass?

was it set for longer than failure part way through ? any error message ?

When jogging around the table? or is that the cutting speed ?

What material thickness you are cutting?

Internet should not have anything to do with it. this machine does not need internet to run.

If you cant complete a straight line cut don t worry about trying a program till that is working ?

Are you running short on air after 7 " of cut? is the plasma throwing any error codes?

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I am still having trouble with the thc. I downloaded a ready to cut on fire share and turned off thc and it cut out like it should. I have to play with the speed and get used to that.

Sounds like electrical interference. Running a desktop or a laptop plugged in you can get emi from the plasma. Can cause all sorts of issues. Running a desktop you may want to try a ground eliminating adaptor. If that helps to have a grounded plug the plug-in you are using would need a sperate earth ground than your plasma.

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Thank you. I will look into that also

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Do you have a laptop you can run on the battery? Also don’t let your USB cable touch the metal frame of the table

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I will try the eliminating adaptor first, if that doesnt help, i will buy a laptop. Thanks for the info.

The adapter should do the same thing. I wouldn’t buy a laptop unless you need or want one. My thoughts was if you had one to try or borrow one. Just eliminate one factor at a time so you will be able to identify the problem.

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Maybe the wife will let me use hers to check.

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