Issues Shipping to Canada?

Just wondering if any other Canadian customers are having difficulty getting their machines shipped to their Canadian residence? I’ve paid the final invoice for my MR-1, but I’m told Langmuir’s shipping partner can’t locate my postal code in their directory. This has been going back and forth for two weeks. I finally resorted to giving them the link to the Canada Post postal code directory look up today. Hopefully my hand holding gets things moving finally but not very confidence inspiring from my end if I’m being honest.

@Rotator It’s our first forray into shipping freight into Canada but we’re getting there. Lots of machines delivered now, We will get your issue sorted out here in short order!

How close to the border are you? I just had the unit shipped to a receiving facility right at the border (I am in Vancouver) and picked it up myself in my pickup. No duties at the border, just the usual taxes. Otherwise you need a broker to assist with clearing it at the border, or you do the paperwork yourself if possible.



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Thanks for looking into this Mike. I really appreciate it! Like everyone, I’m excited to start my build so the delays are excruciating.

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Mine sat in Calgary for a week over Christmas/New Years then lost the tracking on it. Emailed the freight company and was told they handed it over to another freight company. Talked with the new company, and had it that afternoon. :grinning:

Finally got mine this past Friday with no drama. I opened up the crate over the weekend and started going through everything and it all looks fine so far. It was a long wait but so far, worth it.

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Hey MikeJ
I have mine in transit as we speak to ShipHappens in Sumas. Potentially picking it up next week.
I understand no duty & paying the PST/GST. But is there any paperwork I could have prepared before I head over the border to bring it back?

All I did is print out the receipt from Langmuir so I had that in hand when crossing back into Canada. I declared it as a personal import which it is. Langmuir would not certify it was a USA product so it would qualify as duty free (I asked) but that did not seem to be an issue at the border anyways. I crossed at Douglas, likely Sumas would be just as easy.

They should not charge you any taxes on the shipping, it should just be for the cost of the machine and whatever goodies you have in the box. In my case I had to import the touch screen and stand seperately since it was missed in the first order, but same procedure.

Good to have another BC guy with the machine! Today is 28 days after my pour so 99% cured lol. Let me know if you want to meet up, I can show you the mods I did if at all interested, I am in Burnaby.




Mike, have you made any chips yet? I recieve my machine from VanKam on friday. I am just east of you on the mission/mapleridge boarder.

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Sortof - I am almost finishing the baseplate machining and then other tasks got into the way. I will complete that in the next few days, I have some more complexities given I extended the baseplate and I had to swing the X axis 180 degrees to reach the backside. How is your assembly going?

Started it last weekend. I am just about ready to pour concrete I think I might tackle that this weekend. I just keep toying with the idea of addding a shower drain to the pan as I am not confident the rubber 90’s will stay attached to the corner drains.

I am not a machinst by anymeans. So im really trying to have all my ducks in a row before I pour the concrete :sweat_smile:. Aiming for the best results possible with little knowledge going into this.

highly reccomend adding your shower drain or opening the stock drains up to 1/2". They dont quite drain well enough unless the table is mostly free of chips

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I totally agree - time very well spent up front for long term benefit. It does not matter if you put in direct piping or shower drains or whatever, just go bigger than the tiny pipes that comes with the machine …

I ordered a 6" square shower drain. I figured i would put it directly behind the work surface, infront of the cable hanger. My only worry is displacing that much concrete so close to the work surface… I am kind of thinking now I should have gone with 4"

cut it and weld it

Do you know if shipping to Canada has been sorted out. I received notification to order my MR-1 but the email stated “to reach out to Langmuir if shipping to Canada”. I have not received a response. Unit would be shipped to Alberta Canada

MikeJ, myself & others have posted about our shipping to Canada experiences. Langmuir seems to have it fairly dialled. (Just dont try & use your own Customs Broker, they wont do it)
You have 2 options:

  • Have Langmuir arrange & deliver right to your door using a “lift-gate” service (more expensive)
  • Provide Langmuir with a US/CAN border transhipment site. (Less expensive, but would require you arranging pickup & transport across the border).

I used the 2nd option Having my order sent o “ShipHappens” in Sumas Washington, then went down, picked up the pallet, crossed back across the border, paid the taxes (no duty) there. viola!

You’d have to find a trans-shipment company like i used across the Alberta border. And guess it depends on how far away you are from there.