Issues Cutting Stainless Plate

I don’t think I need a Cannon. Plus, I was told no by the CFO.:grin:



Trying to read that made my head hurt.

Sorry man I’m just trying to get in touch with “big dady”. I’m a blacksmith working in my forge sent that between heats I was only trying to reach him. I apologize I can’t spell or my use of the English language is so pore that I confuse people. I will excuse myself. Again my apologies bud.

When you need tag someone to get their attention. Use the @ before their name.

So this will tag him @Bigdaddy2166 . John will get a notification.

You do need to look over some here they type without thinking. It doesn’t help much.

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@Timbertiger, you can also click on their profile picture and then click on the big red box labeled “Message” and send him a private message. Of course, then we won’t be able to read it and gossip later. :man_shrugging: :upside_down_face:


I just PM him. I have been in meetings all morning. Waiting for a response.


Timbertiger, Just send me an email to