Issue with Contour Selection (SOLVED)

New to fusion 360 (and my CrossFire Pro) and have some issues selecting Contours to create cut paths.

I have the part designed and then extrude it to create a body:

I then head over to Manufacture, create a Setup and by default Fusion selects the Body:

Next I go into Cutting, and select my Plasma cutter (note the kerf width is .055in and the smallest opening on the design is .17in:

On the Geometry tab, when I go to select Contour, it seems to select the correct Body, but then I get the following error message:

And if I ignore it, it gives me a big, green box:

And then it doesn’t allow me to simulate a tool path:

Any ideas?

Did you extrude it in Design?

Also some of the design may be smaller than Fusion likes and it is eliminating it.

Yes, I extruded it in design:

Why are the dots on the design? The lines may not be connected. Blow that section and see if you have a problem.

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Check your z axis I don’t think it’s pointing up

Also remember that along with your kerf you have to add your lead setting

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I actually have no idea what those dots are? Here’s a zoomed in shot:

Do you mean this:

do you mean these settings?

here’s a gif as i hover over. This is an SVG of my logo that I imported. Not sure of all the dots:

Take a look at this example. When you use the body, it must be visible. In your first example when you were selecting the contours, you could see there was no body visible based on what was showing on the browser on the left side. And sometimes you need to tell Fusion 360 that you are going to use the “face contours”…that is what using the body is doing:

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I’m not the most experienced F360 guy, but those points showing up on an Extruded body are something I haven’t seen happen. You might check and see if you have multiple lines on top of lines from inserting the SVG. If so, maybe that has affected your Extrude process.

Just a few other ideas:

During Setup, click the cancel “X” and go to the “Models” drop down and actually select the model (should be saved file name) you want to cut.


When you select the contours, hover over the Body you want to cut and make sure it turns blue in the list. Here my cursor is on the “M” and Body 1 lights up.

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Upload a copy of your F3g file here on the forum. Someone will take a look

Ok, it’s definitely something with how I originally sketched it or extruded it because following the tips yall have given, I now see that when I try to select the contour, I don’t get the blue border. But if I select one of the sides, I do get the right border. I may just create a brand new sketch and re-extrude and see if that fixes it.

Here’s me trying to select the contour:

i’m also realizing I designed that part on the “Front” instead of the “Top”. Maybe that’s why I can’t select it

Ok, progress! Recreating the part from the top down view and following yalls advice got me a successful contour selection and simulation. I’m now going to try add my svg logo and see if that works.


Success!! Thanks yall!

Now to see how it cuts!


You actually solved your own problem. If you look at this GIF that you sent, when you select the side of the body, the selection occurred. When you tried to select the true ‘face’ no selection was occurring. You were actually in the wrong plane in the setup.

You could have made the gcode/manufacturing work out if the “plane” was changed in the SetUp even when you do your design on the “Front” plane.


it really helped though to have yall walk me through the various steps. Learning a lot!