Is there a Rotory cutter?

Is there any option for adding rotory cutting to the crossfire pro?

There is no factory options.

When you say rotary cutter you mean the kind of cutter for vinyl or fabric ?

I’ve seen some mods on this site for different heads that aren’t a scriber or plasma torch.

Myself I wouldn’t want to put any sideload on the x or y-axis.

Would you set it up permanently like this or would you swap back and forth between cutting fabric and cutting metal on this machine?

The cleanup between transitions would have to be crazy thorough not to get oil or black smudges on the fabric. And you would need some other kind of flat surface to cut against.

And how would you keep your new flat surface planer with the y and x axis?

Could you elaborate on why you want to do this?

I mean something like a 4th axis to spin pipe while plasma cutting. I have a client that wants to know if the machine can cut notches out of pipe forwarding g fencing g braces together.

The short answers not a factory option.

Myself I’ve been messing around with the idea of using the x-axis to run a positioner.

You would be replacing one of the axis not adding a new one.

In langmuir kitchen I can imagine they’re cooking up a standalone pipe cutting solution using the ecosystem they’ve been creating.

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I have seem them on other systems, I just wasn’t sure if the motherboard had a location for adding another axis. Thx for you input.

When I looked at the motherboard before the ability to add an other axis is there. There’s just no stepper driver and there’s no provision as of yet for it in the software.
If you have the GEN1 controller and some know how you could get it working with MACH3.
But as of now there’s no supported option.

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Good to know, thank you