Is there a cut chart for the RW45 yet?

Pro table and RW45 is up and running!

I have been looking for a cut chart with more info, pierce height, cut height, kerf width, pretty much all the info that sheetcam needs to setup a tool.

I know there is a google spreadsheet, but it lacks some of this info. I’ve seen the hypertherm45xp cut chart and it seems to have the figures I need. Will those figures transfer to my RW45?

I have also seen some of the tool settings that have been posted in this forum, but its a little tiring looking through everything to find them.

Not bashing on Langmuir Systems at all, but I would have thought there would be a somewhat standard cut chart to go with the complete package that they sell (Pro, RW45 and THC).

Cut charts are made by the plasma cutter manufacturer - Jasic should have one but they don’t. (Many of the others don’t either.) Hypertherm settings are far more aggressive than what works with other plasmas. There’s a reason they’re the leaders in the industry (with a price to match :slightly_smiling_face:). We’re mostly on our own with other torches.

The RW spreadsheet was out together by those of us with the original Crossfire based on our testing and cutting experience with the table. That’s why there’s nothing about pierce height in it. But any info you can add as you try things out will help the next person.


Thanks for a quick reply.

The problem with me adding info to that spread sheet is that I just don’t have a baseline to tweak any settings as I am new to CNC and have limited material to try any settings I happen to find in the forum pages.

The spread sheet is okay, but I seem to spend more time looking for the required info for a tool for my pro table than I actually spend processing in sheetcam. Patience is a virtue I guess…

Maybe a Jasic Rep should be invited to this forum to see the demand for a cut chart?