Is THC worth the cost on the 2x2 extended tables?

Been doing some research and have an extended crossfire table on order that I plan to pair with an Everlast 62i CNC. I’m debating on footing the extra cash for THC on this table and was hoping I could get some opinions on this?

I’m a hobbyist and plan on cutting mostly thinner material for signs and yard art but will occasionally cut up to 1/2" for larger projects. I’ve read that THC does increase consumable life but haven’t ready many threads that say it’s a must have item (at least this is what my searches have turned up).

My table hasn’t shipped yet so I’d like to make the decision before that happens so any insight would be appreciated.


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Thanks for that TomWS, didn’t find that thread in my search. I was concerned that the weight of the THC unit (motor and mechanicals) would be too much for the cantilevered arm.

If your table comes with the ihs or the z axis motor there is no extra weight. The THC Is a small box intended to mount on the side of your plasma.

There is a few that has great success without the THC . I personally am glad I bought it. It is a must for me even cutting 1/4. I nest out parts on 1/4 so close there isn’t much of a skeleton left. It will warp and bow pretty bad.

I would recommend it but it is a must to address electrical interference at the start of you will end up bald.

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Thanks Phillipw, I’m leaning towards adding it to my order. I’ve built a few 3D printers so I understand the value of having an accurate Z-height. Just wasn’t sure how critical it was for 2D plasma cutting.

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Warping will definitely exceed total cut height


Do some research some have made a support for the other end of the gantry.

A support for the other end of the gantry would be a welcome addition. I’ll look in to that, thanks.

There is a thread on here I saw a few years back it was nothing more than a wheel that rolled on the frame and was attached to the gantry.

As for me my machine is extremely handy and with the proper connections can be a profitable piece of equipment. I mostly bought it for personal use soon I was like ah time to let someone else pay for my toy.


We started with a standard 2x2 Crossfire. Logged many hours, mainly 1/4" and thinner. For thin gauge material, it would often require jogging the perimeter to find the high spot, and hope for the best when it cut at the low spots.

2 months ago we added the XL extension as well as IHS / THC. Definitely worth it! In addition to not worrying about height during the cut, the ability to set a pierce height vs cut height has opened doors. 1/2" can now be pierced where previously it was an edge start.

I have yet to notice any substantial deflection on the Y-Axis. I’m sure there may be a small amount, but THC makes it moot.

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All great points, thank you for the replies. I like the simple yet elegant solution to supporting the gantry, that may be my first mod. Need to wait for Langmuir to open so I can contact them about adding THC to my order but from what I’m reading here, it sounds like once it’s setup correctly, it save a lot in consumables, hassles, and job operation efficiency.

And unnecessary if you have at least Z with IHS.