Is my gantry not correct?

Im at step B2 on the gantry install which is bolting the x axis lead bearing screw and it seems the holes are too far apart. Am i doing something wrong here?? The other side is spot on.

One end is for the motor the other end the bearing. Try the motor mount

I did. Both the bearing and motor mounts have the same bolt spacing. Its looking like it’s not drilled correctly, unless im missing something.

Motor mount should have wider spacing.

Here’s the motor mount on the same side.

The mounts for the gantry aren’t the same as the mounts for the Y Axis rails. The ones for the gantry are shorter. Did you receive them?


Ah. Got it. Thanks everyone. I didn’t realize there were more mounts in the box. Seem there ain’t great indicators to tell all these mounts apart. Im now trying to figure out which bearing mount out of the 3 is the right one for the gantry.

I agree, I wish we engraved markings on the mounts because it is hard to tell them apart.

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The shortest bearing mount is the one you want for the gantry.


Perfect. Thanks for the clarification. The motor mount makes sense since it’s the only one that fits (even though I didn’t realize I had it lol) but the bearing mount is a bit tougher since any one of them will fit in the spot.

I ran into this issue also. The bearing and motor support that are in the package with the torch holder go to Y-axis. When you’re following the steps in order, you already have that package opened up from assembling the Z carriage and assume they are your parts the next step requires. Then you figure out they don’t fit and have a small WTF moment. Once find the correct package with the other 2 supports and mounts(1 X set and 1 Y set) it makes sense.


This bit me last night during assembly, fortunately I remembered this thread. It seems natural to use the mounts you already have open. And odd to have one of each in the other package.
All together going together nicely, only hiccup is me not paying attention and assuming how it goes together.