Ipm rate using hypertherm 65

I know the pro is only rated for 300ipm. Looking in the hypertherm manual it says 1/16 aluminum ipm should be set at 365ipm. So i assume i set it at 300 and send it. I dont see anything on ipm rates on using 45a fine cut on aluminum anywhere. Unless im missing it.

That’s what I’m doing. If the cut is too slow (low speed dross) I just Nick down the power a bit to equalize the speed/power balance.

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Hypertherm does not recommend cutting aluminum with the finecut consumables, hence the reason for no finecut / aluminum cut charts. These consumables do not tolerate the aluminum spatter that affects consumable life, so Hypertherm recommends using the 45 amp shielded consumables…and there are cut charts for those. Jim Colt


Thanks a lot. I wondered why there wasnt one yesterday when i printed out all the charts.