Introducing the ARCFLAT Modular Cast Iron Weld Fixture Table - Now Available

After months of development, we are pleased to announce the launch of our newest product the ARCFLAT Cast Iron Weld Fixture Table. The ARCFLAT table is the perfect tool for any serious fabricator and features 5 CNC machined flat surfaces, 336 dog holes for quick fixture clamping, and the ability to bolt several together for a custom experience.

To learn more about the ARCFLAT table, please visit our website:


Absolutely amazing…but not available to Canada…sad face…:frowning:

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Oh geez. I so do not need one of these. But I do want one of these. That’s better than wanting two of them though right? So I’ll be saving myself $700 if I just buy one instead of giving in and getting two. Right?

Pretty sure that’s gonna be my story. Good thing I work from home and can take delivery and slide it into the garage where it will be unnoticed by the wife :smiley:


Wow! Very nice!:grinning:

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Yah right dude…not noticed by the wife…boy has she got you fooled!!!
they know everthing…and what they don’t know they will not admit to…and you still get in trouble for it…


So if you get 2 ,you can say its really just one that came in 2 peices ??


Let me guess you are married at least 20 years to say that


That’s how I would interpret it. I sent the link for the table to a good friend of mine because I knew he was in a quandary on what to get his wife for a holiday gift. He said he’d order two.


lol Yes 29 years now. She has me trained pretty good. Its hard to slip anything past her. All jokes aside she always say the same thing. If you have the extra money go for it.

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Sigh…I guess I’ll be cleaning out a new corner of the garage that doesn’t exist to fit this in…table looks great!

I have to say that this is an incredible value! I have a Buildpro 6.5’ x 3’ welding table and it was $3300 plus shipping (which of course was freight). To make a table out of these ARCFLAT units of the same size you’d be just over $2k. If I was in the market for another table I’d probably buy 3 of these instead. Hell, I might buy just one to expand my existing capacity a bit.

I am thoroughly impressed with how Langmuir is making high quality metal working tools available for affordable pricing. It looks like with the 5/8" holes it will interchange with the fixturing/jigging that I already have.

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I’ll do that after it arrives :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: I always have better intentions but also always don’t execute on those so not gonna even pretend that I can find the time for pre-emptive cleaning.

I have a couple of weeks before it arrives.

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You can store it at my place until you find room… Just have them ship it to me and you can pick it up on the next time through… :grin:

Ummm…no :grin:

Looks like they have to ship it in two boxes. It was $95 to ship the table but when I added the legs it jumped up to $130. I could make the legs myself but then I’d have to deal with making them fit the leg mounting holes and fuss around. Likely to cost me as much in time & materials vs just getting them. I will likely put it on wheels so I can roll it around (& over something shorter in the garage).

I misspoke. Looks like it shipped today. Gonna have to do something this weekend so I have somewhere to put it when it arrives next week.

Also have to figure out how to drain and disconnect my solar hot water panels - new roof going on after Thanksgiving and I couldn’t find anyone to take the panels off (or roofers who would work around/under them). I think I just have to drain it and then crawl up in the “attic” space and cut the pipes so they can unbolt the panels and pull them off. They’re almost 40 yrs old so not a big loss but a new adventure for me :slight_smile:

Now I have to play the lottery more

now I have to find some were to put 2 of these great new tables with my crossfire pro into my imaginary 20ft x40ft new shop with 20 new 220 volt outlets for the new things that Langmuir systems comes out with in the future


Make sure ALL of those outlets are rated at 50AMP!



Anddd its here i just picked mine up today. Thanks to Langmuir team they are very help full.
put it together quickly so far so good +1:

question what’s the hight made for sit-down welding or stand up. it seams like noting is machine hight in my shop.