Introducing FIRESHARE - The 2D Project Sharing Platform

We are excited to announce the launch of our newest website application called FireShare!

We created FireShare to be a simple platform for open-source project sharing amongst CrossFire owners and CNC plasma enthusiasts alike. You can interact with FireShare by:

  • Uploading your CAD design files and project pictures to share your work with the FireShare community.

  • Downloading project files that were uploaded by other members of the Fireshare community to cut as-is or simply modify for your own personal applications!

Ever since customers started getting their hands on the first CrossFire machines we have been blown away by the awesome projects that people are making. We encourage customers to continue sharing their great projects with the community and we believe that FileShare will be a great resource for CNC plasma cutting as it continues to grow!

Note: Your current Langmuir Systems website login account information (not your Forum account) will work with FireShare.


Excellent idea, thanks! It would be helpful to have some more details like materials and speed/feed info. I didn’t see that there, as well as any tips for success.



I second that :blush: It would help folks know whether it will work for them straight or if they’ll need to make mods. Including a G-code file in the upload would help the folks who are okay using it as is.

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@jamesdhatch & @paulaiken Great suggestions! We are actually working now on a ‘Makes’ feature in the project page view that will allow users to post their make files for a given project including pictures, material descriptions, and g-code files! Should be live relatively soon so stay tuned…


We’ve also had a few questions about file formats for uploading to FireShare. FireShare accepts either DXF or SVG project files as well as JPEG pictures. If you’re doing your designing in Autodesk Fusion 360, it’s very easy to export a DXF of your sketch for uploading into FireShare.

Just right click the sketch you want in the design tree on the left and click ‘Save as DXF’. See below!



I like the Fireshare area, when are you going to add a search feature. There is a lot being added, yet thumbing through all of them is ineffiecent. Unless I am missing it and not seeing a search feature.


We definetely agree and we are working on it! Stay tuned.


Something I have noticed of FIRESHARE is there is no option for me to edit projects I have shared.
I have typed out detailed descriptions and buyout lists etc in my projects in a format that is easy to read and fireshare removes my formatting and puts it all in one big paragraph that is difficult to read. I went back to try to edit and make it more understandable but there is no edit option that I can find.


its great to browse trough the fireshare,
but there is lot LOT of generic bullshit from few guys that no one will be using
and only clutter up the search


I think they just need to add categories and maybe some sub categories.

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I agree. Allowing the poster to edit would be nice. I had to delete and start over.
Is there any reason why we can’t just upload the Fusion 360 files? I tried it, but the files don’t post.
Seems most people are using Fusion. This would be a real time saver if we want to make alterations.


The Fireshare database is a great resource but there may be some benefit in trying to parse out the categories into functional items or artwork. As is, many of the categories are spammed up with stock art for making signs. That stuff is all helpful and well done, however, as the system grows it may become difficult to find things when there are thousands of stock artwork files.

The “Tools” category is a good example. The first page is largely made up of actual tools and functional parts but then the following pages are almost exclusively just stock artwork that loosely relates to tools and construction equipment. So of the 137 files in the “Tools” section, very few are actual tools. Having an upper level category option for functional items vs artwork would organize the files. You could also add that as a sub category under each existing parent file but that would take longer.

Tools page 1:

Tools page 2 (and pretty much every other page after that)


thats what im talking about, the “stock art” is very annoying to skip trough
nobody is going to be using that junk

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I like that the brass knuckles are in tools.


how do I shrink the downloaded file after I get it into fusion , some of the images I’ve downloaded have been HUGE like hundred’s of inches.
thanks in advance.


Search on “size DXF” in the forum and there are some decent write-ups. There’s also a video that Langmuir posted on using external files on the tutorials page, especially #5 & 6.

In Fusion you’ll use the Scale command. Here’s a post I did with pictures & arrows.


There was a T Rex like Dinaosaur skeleton last I looked on FireShare and now I can’t find it.

Hoping to make one for my son, anyone have it that can share?

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