Installation of the THC external box

I actually installed the THC box on the outside of the electronics enclosure. Will that be a problem? Only thing I see is the firing plug and the voltage plug are the same size. Wonder what would happen if I accidentally mix them up?

I did this. Hasn’t been an issue specifically, but I am impacted by the noise problem.

I plugged the divided voltage connection to the wrong port, but it didn’t cause any issues other than THC not being able to read voltage.

During assembly, pre cables:

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I inquired about this location during assembly and was advised it is highly more susceptible to noise here than when mounted to the plasma case.

It’s hard to quantify that, when we’re impacted with the USB noise issue. Once I get the choke installed, I can report back if I have any issues that may be caused by noise.

The whole “noise” thing is new to me. I didn’t know there is a problem

Very true. Implement your setup the way you prefer, rectify any issues and party on. There are so many factors at play that no issue is universal.

Wow I went back and looked at the manual because I though it was supposed to mounted to the electronics enclosure… oops now I see they mounted it to the plasma. That said I haven’t really had any issues with THC other than when I load a huge (10k plus lines of code) .tap file it hunts a little on small letters and details but I figured that was my 3 year old $250 Walmart laptop not up to speed.

Lately I nest a full table in sheetcam and only post what I think it can handle, then the post process the rest of the parts on the next .tap file. Haven’t had a problem since doing that on really detailed stuff

I recall seeing pictures of the THC mounted to the plasma in the instructions, but it didn’t make sense to me that a 50:1 divided voltage cable would cause any more noise than the plasma torch running just a few feet away. Besides, the electronics enclosure is effectively shielded because it’s in a metal box. Maybe it would be more of an issue if you hooked up with raw voltage, but that’s not my use case.

This thinking is multiplied by the fact that the THC leads aren’t long enough to keep it attached to the plasma, and move the plasma cutter far enough away to eliminate the noise problem that prompted LS to ship ferritic chokes to everyone :laughing:

Idk, seemed cleaner to me to put it on the electronics enclosure, so that’s what I did. Once I get the choke installed, I’ll report back if I have issues.


defiantly looking forward to seeing your results!

Bunch more cutting this weekend with the updated THC firmware, and the ferritic choke installed on the square end of my USB data cables. No issues whatsoever.

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awesome glad to hear it!

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Nice! thanks for the update!!!

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