Inproperly machined part

cross fire pro assembly got stop when the the x exes motor mount was machined wrong the bolt pattern was wrong the part does not fit on machine

The Y axis motor mounts and X axis motor mount look similar but are not the same. Please make sure you are attempting to install the correct part.

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if i could send pictures i would the other part fit perfectly it is on the tube and yes i know that they are different but the two parts have the same pattern and distance is wrong, the tube is correct the part is bad

You can upload pictures here, that would be super helpful to see.

Uploading: IMG_2455.JPG…

The mount that you show on the top picture is one of the Y Axis Motor Mounts. Can you send pictures of the other motor mounts you received?

i will go back and look at what it there to look at what i showed is what was in the bag with the proper number i we
ill look and look at the bottom picture it is mounted on the same bar

i am sorry about that i found the others and one set had the bigger distance

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I think we all have done it