Initial torch height?

I have a newly installed Z axis upgrade on my Crossfire. (I haven’t used the table much before that as an FYI.) I had a few issues and errors with the Z, but I am finally getting it to make cuts.

So far, in order for it to cut, I have to start with my torch very close to the the work. Otherwise, it throws an error code. (Forgive me, but not sure what error as I type this. I think it is the one that has several possibilities, including giving cable more slack, etc.) Most of what I see here and the videos I see are where the torch is ~1" above the work. My table doesn’t seem to be able to to that. (When the torch touches the work, I have plenty of Z travel left so it is not maxed out on travel.)

Generally speaking, the Z motion seems to function fine, although it does occasionally hang a little when moving. (When I motor it up and then motor it back down. The carriage doesn’t always move down with gravity. It occasionally sticks in the “slack.”) Now, I did have to take apart the Z axis to shorten a few bolts that were protruding out on the torch plate mount (it was keeping my torch holder from laying flush on the plate.) I am pretty sure it is put back together properly, but maybe there is some alignment/binding issues going on?

Does any of this make sense? Before I loosen up the assembly and re-tighten…I just thought I would see if anything else could be going on.


You have something going on for sure rust, debris or something. The z should move freely. What is happening is it sticks causing the ihs switch to trip.

Also make sure you do have enough slack in the cables it can cause it also.

Check the coupling sets screws as well.

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I have not taken one apart. I am sure there is a preload adjustment on the bearing. You may have them outta wack.

The bearings on the right side are adjustable. They are mounted on an eccentric and there is a flat on the end of the threads to turn the eccentric. Loosen the nut and use the flat to turn the eccentric to adjust how tight the bearing is.

Since you took it apart, make sure you didn’t lose the spring that keeps the IHS switch closed.


when you manually move the Z up and down the IHS light in Firecontrol should go on and off. This sounds like an IHS issue, just need to track it down. Are you using a machine or hand torch?

Hello all. I haven’t tried to move it with the motors yet, but it definitely was “hard” to move by hand. Harder than I think it should be any way. I loosened the bolts that hold in the bearings/wheels and it made a world of difference. Those are actually what I removed to take it apart. I didn’t know that they were meant to be adjustable and tightend them down too much apparently. I will try some cuts over the weekend, but for now I am feeling that this has been resolved. Thanks for your help!

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