Initial test During setup

I have had this machine for over 4 months. I did the initial THC test for voltage and found the little red chip bad. Langmuir sent the wrong part to replace it. I told them and they finally sent the correct part. I do everthing right and the wiring is correct. I do the initial test again and it runs through the Arc On test. My machine does not arc on. With no furthure way to trouble shoot!!! What the Fuck!! Does anyone have a phone number to call for help?

@langmuirsystems I’m not sure what their direct support number is?

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Do you feel like the actual electronics are bad?

There’s quite a few people on here that would be willing to help. Welcome to the forums.

But we need a little bit more context to start with.

What kind of langmuir machine do you have?

Is it a crossfire with a add-on for torch height control?

What kind of plasma torch do you have?

How is the THC wired? Direct voltage or divided voltage? ( Pictures are worth a thousand words)

How is your torch ON switched wired? (Pictures are worth a thousand words)

So did arc ON work at one point and now it doesn’t?

Can you fire the torch manually through fire control? Or manually by hand?

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Dont know if you can see the pics are not. I do not get any ARC. I have a meter, but my leads are too big around to fit in the small holes. Im by myself and cannot hold the leads and test either.

I get the same responce every time. No furthure troublshooting help available.

I have not been able to get the machine to work yet. Bought back in Sept.

How is the trigger wired?

What kind of torch is it?

Did you wire it through a CPC port on the back of the plasma?

Did you have to open up your plasma and wire it on the inside.

Where is the torch ON/ OFF wiring connected?

Is the torch relay properly seated?

You cannot do the THC test if the torch doesn’t turn on.

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Sometimes those ports come factory wired backwards so the torch ON Port is actually the THC port and the THC Port is actually the torch ON Port.

Should i switch and try?

Relay is on correct and i believe i hear it clicking.

Those are backwards from mine

Yeah. Switch the connectors on the front of the plasma cutter. They have been known to be reversed. Hooking them up wrong won’t hurt anything.

Have you switched leads did it help?

Sorry, I was limited on my replies by the Forum. Ill try the lead switch this morning. Thanks.