Initial sparking difficulties

I am having trouble with 2 things.

  1. Initial sparking is hard to get. I have things setup great, ground nice and close, everything clean, etc. Charts and people are saying to cut into this .25 aluminum at .125 to .15, but I can’t get a spark with the pierce set to anything above .08.

  2. There is a lot of slag on the top of the initial pierce into the aluminum. Enough to cause problems as the torch comes around it catches and drags the part. Air is plentiful, dry, right at the preset 75 psi at the machine.

Crossfire Pro
Razorweld 45
Quincy QT7.5 compressor (rated for ~25 CFM and sits at 150 PSI)
Quincy QPNC21 air dryer (matched to the air compressor)

Are you maintaining pressure at the machine? When the machine is cutting does the pressure maintain 75psi? I have cut 3/8" aluminum with the cut height set to .065, the pierce delay of .6 and AMPs set at 43 with the feed at 25ipm. It was a rough cut but that was all I needed. Start here and adjust until you get the finish you want. The dross on top of the part is from cutting too high! I am using the same cutter and table. There is a setup sheet “Razorweld cut sheet” that has feeds and amps listed . You can do a search for it on this forum. I just noticed that it is listed on the forum right now. I am sure someone will be able to give more info on this. Good luck!

Are you using shielded consumables? Those stand off the material about 0.06" so your 0.08 would add up to be 0.14 which may be too high for the RW.

Shielded ones look like little castles with bumps in a ring along the surface of the nozzle. A standard nozzle is flat across the surface even with the hafnium tip in the center.