Incorrect y axis lead nut?

New here, sorry if posting in wrong topic.

waiting 10 weeks and finally recived and assembled my cross fire pro last night. ran into a issue.

the Y axis lead nut wont bolt up to the 4 bolt bracket. do i have a incorrect part or did i do something wrong. thanks!

That lead nut assembly, typically it has two screws.

But the bracket normally only has two screw holes too instead of four.

The brackets normally mounted to that assembly to start with I believe.

Maybe they made an update to that bracket and it works with one of their other machines .needed a 4-hole mount as well as the two hole mount and they just have an updated there assembly instruction imagery?

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oops I called it Y axis, I meant to say X

ahh I see, its definitely supposed to be a two bolt bracket. Im wondering if I assembled it wrong. I dont have any spare parts left. possibly an updated bracket with a older model lead nut?

thanks for the help

This is what I think.

it is does the lead nut you have bolt up kitty corner onto that x bracket?

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If it helps my pro is 3 months old my holder has two holes and the hole spacing is @1.5’ center to center.

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You are the second person I’ve seen with this issue in the last week. I have to assume that Langmuir made a change to that bracket and some old lead nuts are still being sent out. You should contact Langmuir support.

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no I tried, the lead but bolts way too spaced apart to fit

okay thanks makes me feel better knowing im not the only one :laughing:

I will contact them tomorrow and if it is a updated lead nut then i will let you guys know thanks!

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wrong part, thanks for the help guys

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