Incomplete cuts

I am getting things dialed in and cut 3 test pieces and it cut 100%, now all the sudden it will not complete the test parts.

Razorweld 45 on the Pro
Have dry, clean air (now)
Processing: 16475564122086106322071409282043.jpg…

You put your picture never loaded.

But based on your brief description I would say the work clamp was missed the one time it was bad.

The work clamp needs to be firmly attached to the material being cut not the table not the slats

it is directly on the material. I have tried 6 more test and each one the torch stops firing

Pull your consumable pack apart and take a really good visual look at all the pieces.

ok, could this be the problem?

That electrode doesn’t look so bad. how does the nozzle look?

Is it erroring out on fire control?

no errors, and the nozzle looks good

Amprage didn’t get dialed down by accident?

And there’s nothing odd like it’s getting starved for air you have a gauge near the actual plasma machine you can check?

air stays close to 80.
amps are at 45, i dont change that.
I just tried another piece, got a misfire error, restarted and it cut fine

Though when it’s intermittent.

I am at my witts end with this plasma table and all. I cannot get any part to fully cutout.
I have copper piping, refridgerated air dryer, 2 desiccant filters and a motor guard.
Air pressure on the cutter is at 90, light fluctuations down to 85.
I know there has to be a solution

is it starting or ending the outside cuts from the top right? is it cutting the outside CW or CCW?

@nicaDd CCW

Try lowering your torch height about .020", 70 to 75 psi is all you need.

not that its gonna solve your issue, but the inside cuts should cut CCW and outside perimeter should cut CW.

what size is you compressor?

@mechanic416, reduced air pressure and adjusted torch height. Still same outcome

@nicaDd, I have a 60 gallon Quincy. How do I change the cut direction in Sheetcam?

there’s a check box in the toolset i believe or when you select PLASMA operartion that says “reverse cut direction”

Did that, same outcome

here is this…maybe there is something wrong…idk…