Impression of customer service?

I am still waiting on my table to get here. It was supposed to be here a month ago (June) and they shipped box one of three on the 10th of July. I have yet to see anything else. I’ve asked for more information, when do they expect to send the rest and they have essentially ignored questions that they dont want to answer. 3K is still alot of money for me and they just dont seem to care that they aren’t doing what they promised. If I had known they treated their customers this way I would have paid more for another machine or built one myself. SOME communication would be nice. You dont take a customers money and then ignore them when it suits you. Most people seem to be happy with their service. I am just curious if anyone else is seeing this?

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Hi Keith, I am also waiting for my table to be sent. I am Order #15081. When I originally placed my order for the cross fire pro I didn’t buy the laptop stand,machine torch holder and height control unit. I placed that order at a later date which got shipped straight away and received in Australia about 2 weeks later. Communication has been fine but in saying that it has all been initiated by myself. They did give me a update on my cross fire pro while I placed my 2nd order. Originally when I placed my cross fire pro order they had " shipping in July " they have now said end of July. The unit has cost me close to $6000 AUD all paid upfront ! and I do agree, to take someone’s money and not provide updates is pretty average.

Yeah, it seems to be common for people to say they are not hearing back about shipping updates. But the people that post an issue on the forum and tag the Langmuir reps, seem to get a response pretty quick.

Perhaps they are just pushing the shipping questions aside so they can keep working on fulfilling orders and troubleshooting.

Or perhaps they simply ask their questions on the forum and never include langmuir on the distribution. That is not going to get you anywhere (other than create noise on the forum).


It feels like I’ve read that people have emailed and either don’t get a response or don’t like the “we are on track” response with (edit) regard to shipping. That seems to be the only complaint.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m going to say the customer service is great. I honestly feel that if I had a serious issue and reached out, they would help in a timely fashion.


I agree completely!

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Hi @keithwhite @Smurfos

We are making a big push these next two weeks to get the remaining Box 2/3, THC’s, and laptop stands for all June/July orders so stay tuned for tracking information via email. Again we apologize for the delay but we are excited to get another bath of PRO customers up and cutting soon!

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I would think my situation being in Australia is very different then most of your orders domestically. I have sent a email regarding my order. Would be great if I can recieve a reply via email rather then communicate on this forum. The information you have just supplied isn’t consistent with what has been received previously by email regarding my shipment. Shipping alone for my order was $782USD FYI . Thanks @langmuir-mike

to all who are waiting…I truly understand.
think how I felt when I was an early purchase number in the first batch…only to see many people get theirs before me…
I had the same concerns on delivery dates and information on shipping…
Now add the fact that I live in Canada…so shipping was special…
Langmuir was very smart by batch shipping Canadian orders once they had all the parts…saved them and the end purchaser lots of money.

so…by the looks of all that they do for customer service and for the amount of orders they got I think they are doing pretty well.

they are keeping costs low…putting out a great product…

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No company is perfect. I didn’t have great luck with them corresponding about shipping when my order was running late. That said, since the table got here, they have earned top marks for responsiveness and effort. Frankly, as good as (or better than) any other customer service experience I’ve had.

If it was my company and i was receiving continual emails and forum posts about shipping updates and lack of information i would be looking at why and how to improve this. Its fine for a company to have an amazing product but consumers expect more these days. Customer service is a massive part of the end product as well. there is no doubt that i will be impressed with the machine once i receive it. it’s the in between stage that is concerning !


As I said in my email that was never responded to, A little communication would go a long way. When I email a question and you don’t answer the email because it is uncomfortable, that is a really bad sign for doing business with someone going forward. All I asked for was an update and what I received was Vague at best and didn’t even address 75 percent of the email. I can forward you the email string if you would like to see it. I work with customers and most of the time, an apology and a specific plan to rectify the situation is all that is needed and should be expected when someone gives you their money for a product.

I agree completely. A complaint is feedback from your customer and a direction to improve your business. It is not something you should ignore.

I did ask several times by email, I dont thing you should have to post on a forum to get a response from someone that you have paid. They totally ignored my emails when they didnt want to answer the question ( why is it so hard to admit failure and give an update to your customer?)

I don’t see this as an acceptable business practice. If they have failed to ship when they told their customers they would, they owe an explanation to their customer. They are getting paid for this, “Beggars cant be choosers” Does not apply here. I paid (To me at least) a substantial amount of money and The least they can do is respond to an email. They know they are not delivering as expected hence the non response, the easy questions they responded to right away.

I hope this is the case , thank you for letting me know they have been responsive for you.

@keithwhite agree my friend with everything you have said! its because of customers they are in business. Without customers there is no business. I hope that @langmuir-mike or who ever is in charge of support can respond to my email regarding my order #15081. Be transparent with your customers, it will get you a lot further then just ignoring them.

Covid has really screwed up orders as well. International shipping of components has been unexpectedly problematic this year for them. Mine was about 5 weeks behind my April date. Lead screws were from Italy, delaying those for a few weeks. Itll get there.:+1:

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Hi Jarrad- we got your email yesterday (Saturday here) so you can expect a response tomorrow once we open for business. Please note that our official tech support, customer support, and phone line are only open Mon-Fri. @langmuir-mike and myself like to do tech support on weekends and evenings to keep folks up and running so you’ll see most of our responses in the off hours are catered to helping people solve issues.

As far as the complaint that started this thread, there is no excuse and I’ll have to look into it to see why we didn’t offer a response despite responding to all other questions by OP in a timely manner. We bake into our company culture the idea of transparency and honesty especially when working with customers and it’s clear we have more work to do on that front.

After batch 1 and batch 2 shipped, we were in a very good position to be off back order very quickly. All of our schedules for inventory receipt looked exceptional until Covid hit and started a pretty significant disruption which thankfully didn’t last very long, but it was enough to put all of the June ship orders at risk of being late. Once we knew the full situation, we alerted customers that there would be an estimated 5-6 week delay. That was our best educated estimate given the information we had at the time. That meant that projected June orders would ship in the middle of July. We actually achieved this goal for all the box 1’s and almost all of the box 2’s for June. We will not achieve that deadline for box 3- we will start shipping those this week however.

It’s unfortunate- but the June ship orders definitely saw the worst impact from the covid crisis.

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Thanks for the reply @langmuir-daniel it’s this type of information that would get a lot of respect from customers. It creates confusion when customers like myself see Langmuir staff respond to certain messages on here but don’t response to very direct email questions. Talking about box numbers honestly means nothing to me because I have not been supplied with information where I know how many boxes I can expect.

My situation is very different then most. I am located in Australia. I was originally told that all my orders would come at once in one large package ? Its pretty obvious that the July shipping that was stated when I ordered my cross fire pro will not happen based on what you have written. I would like to not post anymore communication with negativity on this forum. If someone could please email me regarding my #15081 order.

Thank you Daniel.