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I just got the Crossfire Pro put together and I have questions, please help

  1. how high does the plasma torch need to be above the metal sheet?
  2. how high does the amps need to be on the plasma cutter?
  3. I am using AI, how do I make the tool paths on designs from AI to F360?

thank you

welcome to the forum…hope we can help…
do you have THC Torch Height Control on your Pro table?
what plasma cutter do you have
how thick of metal do you plan to cut
can you expand on “AI”…

I would also suggest that you start at the beginning on the Langmuir site and start readings the support page…start here

it depends on what consumables and what material typically .055-.06

I run all the way from .02 to .14 on my table depending on the operation .

Again, operation dependent and equipment dependent.

I’ll run at 25 amp for 26ga galvanized and 65 amps for 3/8 . if you running a hypertherm 45xp almost all setting are ran at 45 amps.

You will have to refer to the cut charts of your machine for this answer.

Export a SVG from AI and insert it into Fusion 360 and then run it through the manufacturing workspace.

I run through some basic fusion 360 CAM in this video Practical Fusion 360 Videos - #18 by TinWhisperer