IHS fail error code

So I cant seem to get the machine to run anything. So I have an issue with the THC that is being handled. But temporarily I took out the module. I wanted to at least run apart so I went back in fusion and reposted the program without THC. No matter what I do I get this warning every time.

I read somewhere about someone having interference between the cables so I went and undid all my zip ties and separated the cables just to be 100%… The issue is still there.

So then I figure I try and the straight cut feature. I put in a 12" cut and hit generate program… then start machine doesn’t even move it just gives me a pop-up program complete.

I did send this to support but as it being Sunday I figure Id reach out to other users and see if they have had any similar issues

Service call scheduled tomorrow morning with @rccrazy30. Will update everyone with the resolution in case they are experiencing anything similar. Thanks!

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Problem resolved. one of the sensor wires on the Z axis had gotten cut somewhere along the lines. Soldered the connection machines working as it should.

Thanks Mike!