IHS contact plates inside z axis

I assembled my cross fire pro and I need to know if the contact plates inside the z axis that the IHS wires lead to are designed to move freely, I know the bottom one is stationary but is the top one designed to move freely or is it supposed to be tight and only make contact when the machine touches the bottom ? Please help

It came assembled like this

The bottom contact is attached to the z-axis lead nut and moves up and down based on the z-axis motor. The top contact is mounted to the torch holder mount and in normal operation rides on the bottom contact, moving the torch up and down with the motion of the z motor. The only time the contacts should be separated or open is during IHS phase of a cut and the z motor drives down until the torch contacts the metal, the z axis will continue down a short way causing the contacts to open signalling firecontrol that the torch is in contact with the metal at which point the z axis motor will drive upward until the two contacts touch and close the circuit signalling firecontrol to zero out the z axis.

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So they should be both mounted in place no movement ,correct?

In other words, the top contact should be able to float freely, rolling on the z-axis rails. The only time the top contact should be unable to float is if the z axis is all the way up, trapping the top contact/torch mount against the top of the z axis assembly.

You should be able to push up on the torch mount and lift the top contact off of the bottom contact, but normally it should rest/ride on the bottom contact except as I’ve described above.

By movement I’ve been assuming that you mean up and down movement, but if you mean side to side or forward and back, then it should not move in those directions, just up and down as I described above.

Yes i understand, , reason being is that my torch is not firing at all so I thought this was the problem now I got to put it back where it was floating freely, I have got my torch to fire but never when on a program

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The IHS won’t have any effect on firing the Torch. It may throw an error code for the IHS not being in the expected state, but the Torch should fire from the manual Torch fire button in Firecontrol.

What plasma cutter do you have?

I have the razorweld 45 , I made sure the pierce delay was over .5 but every time it makes contact with the metal it’s not firing

Does it fire from the manual Torch fire button in Firecontrol?

I’m assuming you are getting the Torch is moving before firing warning in Firecontrol. All machines have different requirements for pierce delay based on the machine. My HF Titanium 45 won’t light unless I use a .7 second pierce delay minimum. So you might need to keep pushing your delay up and see if that works. If you get up over a full second and it still won’t light then I’d start looking at other factors, such as sufficient air, good consumables, torch assembled correctly, among lots of other factors.

There are plenty of knowledge people here and we’ll help you get it figured out.

I’ve only been able to do it once

Machine torch or hand torch?

Machine torch

Ok, unplug the torch firing cable from the electronics enclosure. On that barrel plug, short the inside to the outside and see if your torch fires.

I have found for my set up, anything less than 0.64 seconds will potentially not have time for the torch to fire. But one time I though I was setting 0.65 seconds and my brain was seeing 0.65 seconds but I was actually inputting 0.065 seconds.

What do you mean inside to outside ?

Inside that cable are two wires. One is connected to the outside metal part of the connector and the other wire is connected to the metal on the inside of the connector. To short it, you can put a piece of wire or a paper clip inside the connector and touch it to the metal part on the outside.

Okay it’s turning it on now what ?

Now we know that there is nothing wrong with the plasma cutter and the wire is hooked up correctly to the plasma cutter

When you hit the manual Torch fire button in Firecontrol, can you hear the relay click inside the control box that is attached to the table?

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