Identify the stepper motors

I am looking at having a replacement set of motors on hand and looking for help to identify 2 of the 3 motors. Thanks to TomWS in another post has provided a link to the Y motor.

z%20motor xmotor ymotor


You just need the same size, NEMA 23, and the same torque, 284 oz-in and 180 oz-in.

Finding the same ones with a dsub/db9 connector might be difficult. I would just order them from Langmuir.

Avid cnc has a 420 oz with a db9 connector

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Burgs04; thanks for the information, I have a modification to the table that involves the motors and want spare’s in case it does not go as well as planned.

Do we know the maximum amperage the motor drivers put out? May not be worth the upgraded 420in/oz motor if it can’t be driven any harder than the stock motors by the driver. Unless of course you upgrade drivers too.

@MrHaNkBoT assuming the drivers are the same TB6600 stepper drivers that come in the OG Crossfire then yes, they will push enough amps for a 420 oz-in motor as the OG Crossfire has 420 oz-in steppers.

Excellent news. I wasn’t aware of what the original drivers were, I’m not old school enough and I didn’t do a search. That really gives us some options for upgrading without running out of grunt to move stuff.

Would you also happen to know the max voltage the board can handle? I know 36v is already a nice step up from just 24v, but 48v power supplies are easy to get a hold of in the appropriate amperage, and that would give you a little more torque at high RPMs. Again, not something I have any need of now, just gathering thoughts for future ideas.

40ish volts max for a TB6600. You could go to 48 volts on a DM542T.

Sounds like not much use going higher voltage, and I suspect it’s likely getting closer to max voltage might risk the long term reliability of the drivers anyway. In my experience electronics live longer with a little extra headroom.

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I’ve contacted Langmuir and they said they do not offer or disclose their stepper motors. Not even sell spares. Only with kids or warranty replacements.

Kinda odd, I’m looking for some to use to make a tube notch attachment for mine.

OP did you ever get this sorted? Going to start my tube notch attachment to my table and need to get a motor that will work with this table.