I have a very specific question regarding THC Powerplasma 50s

I just received my upgrade kit with THC for my Gen 1 CrossFire. First of all to Langmuir Systems kudos- build quality looks great and the fast shipping was very much appreciated!

Note: apologies in advance if this question has have been fully covered but I am especially challenged :laughing:

On to the question… ( which is two parts and and then a favor ) Very specifically for folks using Everlast Powerplasma 50s with the THC upgrade kit.

Part 1) If you encountered problems using the divided voltage on pins 4 & 6, did you pull the jumper at K2, that switches it from 1/16 divided voltage to 1/50 divided voltage? ( Part 2 ) and only then moved on to using using Raw Voltage? I’m secretly hoping that most of the issues were caused by not pulling the jumper. Having said I am not very optimistic as folks here are by estimation very capable at making things work as they should.

Here’s the favor part. if any of y’all have picks please send them as I truly am a visual thinker.

Use raw voltage(not from CPC port) only on the Everlast 50s straight from the terminals inside.