I don’t think my THC is working - SOLVED

The lights on THC control should light up on ACTIVE and OK right?

If so, my THC is working about 10% of the time and I don’t know what I could be doing wrong.

Yes I have software 1.07.

What kind of plasma torch? How did you wire it - DIV or RAW? Do you have a picture of the VIM box?

Can you post a copy of a problematic GCode file?

@jamesdhatch Everlast 50S. I am wiring RAW due to the Everlast issues with DIV being accurate.
The software is reading live voltage and smartV. When it is cutting it is varying he value between the 2 greater than the set tolerance.

I had one Sheetmetal part where it was clearly working. The active light was lit and it would bounce between lighting the OK and the UP/DOWN. The exact TAP code was used between Sheetmetal and 1/4 plate and it didn’t work on the 1/4. Pic and code loaded.

40S_LINK_BAR_SIDE.tap (6.6 KB)

Thanks for the pic - just wanted to make sure you had the right wires connected on the VIM - easy mistake to use the RAW in but DIV out or vice versa. Was hoping it was easy :wink:

Did you regenerate the post-processor for the 1/4" plate? You can’t use the TAP file that works with sheetmetal on 1/4" - pierce delay needs to be increased and the torch speed slowed down.

@clemsontravis This is a PS value issue in your SheetCAM program. We are aware of a few edge cases in SheetCAM that puts the incorrect PS value in the program and we are working on a fix for this on Monday so stay tuned.

The PS value tells FireControl what the programmed cut speed should be. Then, when your program is running, THC can compare the live cutting speed to the programmed cut speed and turn THC off if it dips below a threshold speed. This is done for anti-plunging reasons which would cause the torch to dive into the material when it slows down around tight corners.

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Mike, I’ve been digging into sheetcam Path Rules and code / variable stuff. I’ve seen in a few places where people would create rules for certain features (arcs, circles, etc) where they would issue a THC off command and slow the feed rate to say 60% when in the feature, and then issue a THC back on and rate to 100% when out. Would you recommend to stay away from these type of rules with the ‘Smart’ THC features on the Pro? It seems they are attempting to do the same type of thing, or am I confused?

Don’t mean to get off topic in this thread, but reading thru it got me to think about it a little more. I don’t have table yet to experiment myself (soon :smile:)