Hypertherm research overload

Hey, All… I am about to order a Hypertherm but, I need some help narrowing something that I’m not positive whether or not how it will affect general plasma cutting.

Single Phase, 3 Phase, or both?

Do you have access to 3 phase?

If you don’t know what 3 phase is, then you probably don’t have it. Unless you have a shop in an industrial area, then you may have it.

If you are using this at your home, get the single phase unit.

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Thanks, Greg. I have 200 amp service already in my garage. Electrical is not really my thing, However, I have several friends that are great at it. I uploaded a few pictures just in case it might help to show what I am stammering through. I appreciate your input, Man!

That is not 3 phase. Thats single phase

Thanks, Man. I appreciate it.

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3 phase would have 4 wires coming into the panel instead of 3 wires

How do you like that compressor? I just looked at Lowe’s web site and it’s a little cheaper than the Dewalt I’ve been eyeing at Tractor Supply…might have to add that to my shopping list…

Solid copy, dj… This forum is already a big help!

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I don’t have it hooked up yet, James. I have a buddy that swears by it though. I have been putting a bunch of hours doing research on everything. There is a wealth of info on this forum. Lots of helpful dudes, for sure.

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You’ll want a circuit run for whatever plasma you buy with the appropriate outlet. Since you’re that close to the box, it won’t be super expensive to do a 50 or 60A dedicated circuit for the plasma (or larger if you can afford the plasma unit that goes with big amps :slight_smile: )


That is really helpful, James. I appreciate it! I think the Crossfire Pro will be my Rig for the foreseeable future… I am really benefiting from this forum. Thanks for helping me out, Man. If there is ever anything you have to recommend, I’m all ears…

Get the Hypertherm PM65 you won’t be disappointed
Call BakerGas if you need some additional help or have additional questions

Hey L_F, Thanks for your input. Anything over the Powermax 45 is going to be out of my budget unfortunately. And as far as Baker Gas goes, I would not order from therm ever again. That was THE WORST experience I have ever had. I see lots of guys on here dealing with them. I know they have 8 or 9 locations. Maybe I will try and go through another store. Welding supplies from IOC was pretty much the same price for everything that I had on my order. Sorry for the rant. I am just peeved because I spent a TON of time getting that order together.

I’ve been running a Power Max 45 for about 10 years. It’s a tough machine. It spent a quite few summers bouncing around the back of a farm truck while building feedlot penning. It hasn’t missed a beat. I just paired it with the duramax machine torch. I am impressed what this thing can do on the crossfire pro. My only problem now is running out of steel!


totally understand
you get what your budget can afford

as for Baker
my experience is from all online orders
maybe their store staff is not as good
sorry you had that bad experience

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All good, My friend! They let $3,700 walk out the door. I already have a replicated order on the way from IOC.

Hey, Geoff… That is awesome. I have done tons of research and it seems that the 45 is by far the most popular. And that just makes me glad I made the decision on the 45 AND the Crossfire! Thanks for your input, Man!

If you haven’t ordered it yet, I got a PM65 with the machine torch, CPC cable, and a bunch of consumables for way less than $3700, in fact, it was less than $3000, just by walking in to my local supplier. (edit: I just saw that you ordered it from IOC, sorry.)

May I ask where you got this from. Im afraid my 30xp is not going to do what I need it too so I am looking at the PM65

Morning, Tank… The $3700 Included more then just the Plasma Cutter and cable. I paid $2600 for the Unit. They vary in price as I am sure you know. and I live in a small village. We don’t all have access to local suppliers…