Hypertherm Powermax30 XP Consumables

Total newbie here, machine shipping soon. I already have the Hypertherm Powermax30 XP and plan to use it.

Does anyone know if they make a machine torch shield for my OEM hand torch?

I’ve searched and can’t find anything, but from what I read (correct me if I’m wrong) the machine shield would be better than my drag shield.

Right now it has the drag shield (420116) and nozzle (420118) for normal cuts and the fine shield (420115) and nozzle (420117) for small kerf/fine cutting.

And if anyone has extra tips for sourcing Hypertherm consumables that’d be awesome too.

220673 would be the CNC shield. Harris welding has good prices on Hypertherm consumables.

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Thanks George. Can you tell me if the CNC shield fits the same nozzles (std 420118 & fine 420117)?

Yes it works with the drag shield tips, I don’t know about the fine cut.

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